Used Rental Bikes

Here at Thunder Mountain Bikes, we're constantly updating our fleet of Sedona-ready mountain bike rentals. Just as quickly as we have new models come in, other used bikes are retired. This means you can get an amazing deal on a wide selection of premium, used rental bikes almost anytime here! 

While they've been around the block a few times, there's still plenty of shred left in our Retired stock! Contact us to chat about taking one home today.

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Each Retired Rental bike goes through a full tune-up and is ready to ride!

Retired Rentals Available Now

(Updated 1/27/22)
#5077 - Rocky Mtn Thunderbolt A30 - 27.5 Large Grey / Black  $1999  
Now $1899!
#4035 - Liv Intrigue 2 - 29 Large Black  $2599  
Now $2399!
Just Added!  #4042 - Liv Intrigue 2 - 29 Small Black $2699
#9218 - Evil The Following GX - 29 Small Black $3999
Just Added!  #7208 - Santa Cruz Hightower Alloy S Medium Grey $3999
#9193 - Revel Rascal - 29 Medium Sedona Red $4699
#9175 - Evil The Offering V2 Large Wasabi $4999


If you would like to purchase a Retired bike or have questions about them, please give us a call.

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