Mountain Biking Gear Guide - For The Different Seasons In Sedona, AZ

Mountain Biking Gear Guide - For The Different Seasons In Sedona, AZ - Thunder Mountain Bikes

Being too hot or too cold is never fun, so we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite mountain biking apparel and our mountain bike accessories must-haves. Since our temperatures are never too extreme, we look for versatile clothing or layering to manage your body temperature. Even in the hottest month of our summer, riding is still manageable with the right gear!

When you’re planning a trip to Sedona, we want you to be fully prepared for your adventures whether that is in the spring, summer, fall, winter, or multiple times per year! And we know you’re also mountain biking wherever you call home, so we want you to be fully equipped to ride as often as you can year-round when you aren’t visiting us in Sedona! So here’s our mountain biking gear guide for the different seasons in Sedona, Arizona and beyond! 

mountain biker winter gear in sedona wearing club ride shirts

Winter Biking Gear and Accessories In Sedona, Arizona

Most of the time, winters in Sedona offer amazing riding conditions. Average temps are around 60 degrees, and the trails can retain enough moisture to offer up some tacky “hero dirt.” Occasionally we get a week of freezing temps with snow, and while this may shut down the bike riding opportunities, the views of snow amongst the red rocks is absolutely stunning. With it being 60 degrees most days, it can feel cold when starting your ride, but can easily get too hot after you warm up and as the sun gets higher in the sky! For your legs, we generally still recommend wearing our normal mountain bike shorts, but we also recommend pairing them with knee pads on every ride. Knee pads serve 2 purposes here: (1) keeping your legs warm and (2) offering protection, it’s a win-win! Check out Troy Lee Designs Speed Knee Sleeves or Fox Enduro Pro knee pads. For your top, we love a baselayer type of jersey, like these Patagonia Capilene Jerseys – they make mens and womens bike jerseys. That’s your base layer and then you’ll want to layer over it with a TMB long sleeve mountain bike jersey, button up jersey from Club Ride or Party Shirt, or a Club Ride breathable flannel. We also love using “arm warmer” sleeves, which you can easily take off and put back on during your ride as needed. For gloves, we generally stick to our usual full finger mountain bike gloves, but for those of you who easily get cold hands, check out the Chill Weather gloves from Tasco MTB.

Spring Biking Gear and Accessories In Sedona, Arizona

Spring is prime time to visit for a mountain biking trip in Sedona, Arizona. You can expect average temps of 75-80 degrees, making it comfortable for all-day riding and minimal gear needed. Layering may still be a good idea, especially if you start your ride early, and you’ll want the Patagonia Capilene jersey we talked about above paired with button-up options. You might as well keep rocking those knee pads while it's comfortable to wear them. For carrying items with you while riding, we love using a hip pack rather than a full backpack. This keeps your shoulders and upper back cooler and give you more freedom of movement. Our favorite hip packs are these models from Osprey, like the Seral hip pack that includes a water reservoir, or the more minimal Savu hip pack which can carry 2 bottles.

mountain bikers in sedona wearing summer club ride shirts

Summer Biking Gear and Accessories In Sedona, Arizona

We all know the Arizona desert can be HOT in the summer. Luckily, Sedona is not nearly as hot as southern Arizona, like in Phoenix or Tuscon. While we aren’t quite as hot, Sedona does experience average summer temps in the 95- 99 degree range, which makes all-day riding a real challenge. Despite these hot temps, you can still ride and when you do we still recommend wearing a long sleeve jersey.  This jersey will help keep the sun off your skin while riding and ends up keeping your cooler than a short sleeve top. Club Ride even makes a specific long sleeve sun jersey that works extremely well. We’ve also had great success with our TMB Patagonia Capilene long sleeve jersey. Above all, getting out early in the morning, or in the evening, is your best bet for a great ride! And, it’s usually surprising how awesome it still is at these times early or late time of day rides - you can experience those gorgeous Arizona sunrises and sunsets too! For riding shorts in the summer, we love Club Ride men’s Fuze Short and women’s Eden Short. Both come with a light chamoi liner that is comfortable and breathable in all temps, plus the short length is in our opinion just right! Not too short and not too long.

Fall Biking Gear and Accessories In Sedona, Arizona

Spring may be ideal riding time, but fall is a close second! From September to December, the fall season is like a second spring season for mountain biking popularity in Sedona, Arizona. However, be advised that the hotter temps from summer can linger into mid-October, it’s all about mixing the gear from Summer and Spring to stay cool. Our go-to full-finger gloves include the Troy Lee Designs Air Glove and Giro Xnetic Glove for its overall comfort, finger feel, and breathability. We recommend using full-finger gloves year-round, especially considering all the pokey plants that can stick out into the trails. Your fingers will thank us later for not getting all scratched up!

Mountain Bike Rentals, Services, And Accessories In Sedona, AZ

At Thunder Mountain Bikes, we carry all the mountain bike equipment and gear you’ll need to ride in Sedona, Arizona. Even if it’s not in our webstore, we have many more options in-store. We’d love to meet you and get you all set up for your rides during your adventure vacation in Sedona! We’re the one-stop shop for everyone: men, women, youth - we have gear for the entire family! We also make the extra effort to carry more women’s mountain bike clothing than typical bike shops - from brands like Shredly, Zoic, Club Ride, and Patagonia. We also carry kids mountain bike clothing from Zoic apparel. Most of our casual apparel is designed with you, the rider in mind too. For example, our casual Sedona t-shirts can be used as mountain bike shirts, since they are made of tri-blend materials.. Even our TMB socks are extra breathable and great for year-round riding. If you’re in Sedona, Arizona come on by and check out our gear! You’re always welcome to shop our online store and give us a call or shoot us an email with any specific questions. Our team is happy to help get you riding comfortably for all seasons!