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Mountain Bike Trails in Sedona

Many places have good trails or pretty scenery or easy access to riding—it's the convergence of all three that sets Sedona apart!

Our town's trails are as varied as they are distinctive, from ribbons of smooth crimson dirt that are as fast and fun for the whole family as they are for seasoned riders to sandstone basins with technical features and play areas to hone and test every skill level. It's all set in a verdant valley of red rock spires and towers as impressive as any national park. And the trail network, at once dense with riding yet impressively far-ranging, is so profuse with trailheads and intertwined with the town that you can access singletrack within minutes of pedaling no matter where in town you stay.

Sedona's riding network offers over 250 miles of bike-friendly trails and nearly as many intersections. With additions and reroutes every season, a good map is essential!

We specialize in offering the best advice on current conditions in Sedona and what trails might best suit you. Some of the top trailheads are just out our door, and to help you get around, we've put together guides on our favorite routes. No matter your skill level, Sedona has an excellent trail for you.

Check out our trail guides below!

Beginner Trails

With our famously technical terrain, Sedona can be intimidating to many riders, especially if you're new to the sport.

Even if you're just getting started, there are plenty of easier mountain bike trails to ride!

Intermediate Trails

Get ready to get technical and Sedona will reward your efforts with epic experiences along these blue square trails.

Many of our favorite routes fall into this category. Let us show you around!

Advanced Trails

If you're ready to shred, Sedona won't disappoint!

Offering a plentiful selection of trails featuring exposure, technical obstacles, and slickrock thrills, Sedona is ready to test your skills. 

eBike-Friendly Trails

Electric mountain bikes are not allowed on ANY singletrack within the Coconino National Forest (that's most of our trails)...

But! There are a handful of awesome, eBike-Friendly routes that are perfect for an afternoon ride and payoff with spectacular Sedona views!

Sedona Bike Skills Park

Years in the making, and still growing, the Sedona Bike Skills Park features a pump track, a pair of flowy trails, a jump run, a dual slalom track, and even a loop for kids!

It's the spot for riders to get a feel for our dirt, hone skills, and simply hang out with fellow riders.

Trail Conditions

With a team made up of avid riders, many of us are on the trails every single day and keep good tabs on the conditions out there.

If you're arriving soon, or want to check up on your favorite route, our Sedona Trail Conditions & Map makes it easy to see the conditions before you go.