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Visit for the trails

Stay for the vibe

Ready to explore Sedona, Arizona? We’ve got you covered with all the tips you need to plan an epic trip!

Aside from our world-class mountain bike trails, there's a ton of other fun activities to enjoy while you're here - like swimming, hiking, fly fishing, Jeep tours, and more. Plus, unlike other small-town mountain bike spots, Sedona has all the amenities you could ask for! From bike-friendly accommodations, luxury spas, incredible food, and locally-brewed drinks, plus rugged camping spots, too, if that’s more your style.

If it's been a while since your last visit to the Verde Valley, prepare to be blown away by all the changes. And if you're a regular, welcome back to our trails!

Plan Your Sedona Ride

Sedona's legendary trails offer over 250 bike-friendly miles and near-endless route options with well-managed trail intersections. Additions and reroutes happen every season, so getting up-to-date info before you ride is essential. We're dedicated to keeping tabs on our trails and regularly update our Sedona Trail Conditions.

Some of Sedona’s top trailheads are right outside our door, and we've put together some easy guides to our favorite routes. No matter if you're a beginner or a pro, Sedona has an awesome trail for you.

Check out our trail guides, and get ready to hit the hero dirt!

Take A Tour & Level Up

Navigating Sedona's biking scene can be tricky for first-timers. While it's awesome that the town is so well connected with ridable trails, on the other hand, with so many intersections and singletrack routes, it's easy to get lost in the maze.

Trail conditions can also change dramatically from one moment to the next - you might find yourself cruising on silky smooth flat rock one minute and dodging boulders and drops the next. We're here to make sure you those worries don't stop you from the ride of a lifetime!

Whether you're only in town for a short visit and want an insider's tour of the best trails for you, or if you're looking to take your skills to the next level, our partners at Hermosa Tours and the Sedona Mountain Bike Academy have you covered!

Get Ready To Roll

Our top priority is to get awesome people, onto great bikes, and out enjoying our trails as smoothly as possible. We know that a broken derailleur or a saggy dropper post while visiting Sedona can ruin a vacation. Our team of skilled mechanics, many who have been with us for years, are all well-versed in the latest bike technologies and ready to service your bike quickly so you can get back out there!

We also have the largest inventory of in-stock bike parts and accessories in northern Arizona, so in most cases we can repair or upgrade your bike without the lag-time of ordering.

If you've met the wrong side of our red rocks and need repairs, or if you've got your eye on the latest, shiny upgrade, we're here to get your bike dialed in!

Our in-house techs also make it easy to ship your bike to us ahead of your Sedona adventure with full-service bike shipping.

Bike-Friendly Lodging

From wild and rugged to swanky and luxurious, Sedona has world-class accommodations for everyone's travel style.

Many local hotels, rentals, and resorts specifically cater to our adventurous mtb crowd, with easy bike storage and short rides away from Sedona's best food and entertainment.

For those who seek a more off-grid experience, some of the most popular primitive campsites in the Southwest are within a short drive from town.

Explore More Of Sedona

Even we can't ride all day! When you've made it to the end of your trails for the day, don't miss the chance to explore more of the beauty and fun that Sedona has to offer.

There's so much more to do around town than we could possibly ramble off here, but we've pulled together our favorites of where to chill, refill, and experience Sedona beyond the singletrack.

Get our insider's tips on where to snag a bite to eat after your sunrise trail, see-and-be-seen while cooling off at our local "beach", and wrap up your evenings at some of our other favored watering holes.