Mountain Biking Tours and Lessons in Sedona, Arizona

Mountain Biking Tours and Lessons in Sedona, Arizona - Thunder Mountain Bikes

They say you haven’t really experienced Sedona, Arizona until you’ve seen it on two wheels, and we couldn’t agree more! The mountain biking in Sedona is world-class - with over 250 miles of killer singletrack and the most epic views you’ll find. Simply put: You have to experience it yourself. 

There are two amazing companies that run out of Thunder Mountain bikes; Hermosa Tours and the Sedona Mountain Bike Academy. Maybe you’re looking to book a guide so that you don’t have to worry about looking at a map at every turn OR maybe you’d like to learn how to ride all that Sedona Red Rock like a pro. No matter what kind of adventure you’re looking to have, hiring a Coach or Guide will make your life easier and the riding more enjoyable. 

Sedona, Arizona Mountain Biking Tours

Hermosa Tours specializes in half and full-day mountain bike tours in Sedona, Arizona. They provide daily tours throughout the year for every type of skill level: from the first-timer to the most advanced rider. Hermosa Tours aims to take you on the most epic ride on two wheels and give you an experience you can check off your bucket list. 

Sedona, Arizona Mountain Biking Lessons

The Sedona Mountain Bike Academy is a team of local certified coaches with a passion for riding. They help clients learn how to overcome the challenging terrain in Sedona, Arizona through mountain bike coaching. They provide a safe and positive learning environment while meeting clients at their skill level. They provide weekend skills clinics, private, group, and youth-specific lessons with the option to “build your own adventure” when you book a lesson on their website. The Sedona Mountain Bike Academy helps to cultivate the mountain bike community through group rides, trail work, and community outreach by partnering with programs like the Red Rock Trail Fund, NICA, and Verde Valley Bikes for Kids.

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What to Expect When Booking a Mountain Bike Tour or Lesson

Whether you book a lesson or a guided tour you should expect the experience of a lifetime! 

Booking with Hermosa, most tours start from Thunder Mountain Bikes. There is an option to get picked up at your hotel if you do not have transportation. Your guide will fit you with the bike of your choice and take you to your planned route via a van. A Half Day Tour is 2-2.5 hours long and a Full Day is 3+ hours or as Hermosa likes to say “ Ride until you’re happy”. 

You can book online at, when they get your request they’ll reserve your bike rentals (if needed) and get you in contact with your guide. Then you’re on your way to an unforgettable Sedona experience. 

The Sedona Mountain Bike Academy has a saying “More Skills= More Fun!” 

When you head over to their website to choose what kind of lesson you’d like: Group, Private, Women’s Specific, or Youth they will send you a questionnaire about your current and previous experience on the bike and what kind of skills you’d like to learn. From there they book your bike, get you in contact with your Coach and send your invoice. Most lessons begin at the Sedona Bike Skills Park, where your Coach will meet you and do a quick bike set up then you're off to learn how to Shred The Red! They offer 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, and Full day lessons with lots of room to customize your experience, from a trail ride to learning how to progress your bike park skills and bunny hops! Book your lesson today at

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Mountain Bike Rentals And Services In Sedona, AZ

When you book a guided tour or a lesson you will have the option to include your mountain bike rental into the price of your lesson or tour. All rental bikes are from Thunder Mountain Bike’s rental fleet with the option to choose from our Dream, Premium, Performance, or Hardtail selection. 

Questions or Concerns? Contact Thunder Mountain Bikes Today To Discover All You Need To Know.