Plan Your Mountain Bike Trip to Sedona, Arizona

Plan Your Mountain Bike Trip to Sedona, Arizona - Thunder Mountain Bikes

There’s a ton of choices when it comes to planning your next mountain bike trip with friends and family. Here’s a guide with our top suggestions to help plan your mountain bike trip to Sedona Arizona. Not only is the red rock landscape truly unique, the location and logistics to adventure couldn't be easier. Sedona is a small town surrounded by trails and amazing views, so wherever you stay in Sedona, the trail biking is close by!

mountain bike riders overlooking sedona viewMountain Bike Trails in Sedona  

With over 200 miles of trails within Sedona, there’s plenty of trails to choose from. The majority of these trails are rated Intermediate level, but there’s still something for everyone; with scenic beginner-level trails, to over-the-top advanced black diamond level trails. Sedona’s version of the intermediate is usually much more difficult than intermediate trails in other regions. Most trails here are only 2-5 miles in length each, so you’ll need to string a few trails together to make a ride. We recommend trails like Mescal, Outer Limits, Skywalker, Grand Central, Llama, Slim Shady, and Templeton. For more advanced riders, check out Scorpion, Hiline, Hangover, and Broken Arrow. To make a ride out of these trails, check out the trails page on our website, featuring free maps showing how to link up the best trails. 

mountain bike group trip in sedona

Bike Rentals Sedona, Arizona  

Mountain bike rentals at Thunder Mountain Bikes is quick and easy. Not only can bike rentals save you the hassle of traveling with your own bike, but it can also save you money compared to airline fees, shipping fees, and potential mountain bike repairs on your own bike. Thunder Mountain Bikes has a wide range of rental bikes, from basic Trek mountain bikes, women’s mountain bikes, all the way up to top-shelf carbon full suspension mountain bikes from the likes of Ibis, Evil, Revel, and Santa Cruz. Rental pricing starts at $35 per day for a hardtail, $55 per day for an alloy full suspension, $65 per day for a premium full suspension, and $95 per day for a carbon full suspension dream bike. This is also a great opportunity to demo a bike you’ve never ridden before. Another bonus at Thunder Mountain Bikes is that their “damage protection plan” is included in the rental price. This offers great peace of mind to really enjoy your bicycle rental out on the red rocks. 

If you prefer to explore the town and neighborhoods, Thunder Mountain offers electric street bikes from Trek and Electra. With the Ebike pedal assist, it’s a breeze to explore. We recommend checking out the Dry Creek Vista, Chapel of the Holy Cross, and Airport Rock. Unfortunately, E mountain bikes are not yet allowed on the Forest Service managed trails in Sedona. When that changes we will be happy to offer that service as well. 

mountain bike car rack rental

Shipping Your Bike to Sedona, AZ  

Still, want to ride your own bike? We get it! Thunder Mountain Bikes offers help to get your bike to Sedona. Check out the Thunder Mountain Bikes Bike Flights shipping page, for the best rates on shipping your bike to Sedona and back home. Ship your bike to Thunder Mountain Bikes at least a few days ahead of your arrival, and assembly will be done with your mountain bike ready to ride. At the end of your trip, simply drop off your bike at the bike shop; and it will be cleaned, boxed, and sent back to you. There is a $50 service fee on each end, which is well worth the convenience and knowing that your bike will get fully checked over each time. For details to set this up with our mountain bike shop, visit our guideline here

mountain bikers on rental mountain bikes

Sedona Mountain Bike Lessons  

Mountain biking isn’t the easiest sport, and the rocky trails can make it look harder than it is. Learning how to properly ride these sections from a coach will improve your learning curve much quicker and safer than learning on your own. Thunder Mountain Bikes is proud to partner with Sedona Mountain Bike Academy to offer certified coaching for all skill levels. They teach the real fundamentals of mountain biking, ensuring you’ll enjoy mountain biking wherever you go. 

sedona mountain bike trail guided trail

Where to Stay in Sedona, AZ 

There are many choices when it comes to staying in Sedona. Hotels, luxury hotels, Air BnB’s, traditional bed & breakfast hotels, RV park, and camping. Our favorite mountain biker friendly hotels include Sedona Real, Arabella Hotel, Marriott Courtyard, and Sugar Loaf Lodge. For hotel suites with kitchens, check Red Agave Resort or Sedona Springs Resort. Air BnB is another great option that has grown in popularity, especially in Sedona. Hard to beat having a full house of rooms, kitchen, deck with views, and a garage for your bikes. Here’s a sampling of great Airbnb properties to check out. 

Camping in Sedona, Arizona  

The majority of the area's campsites are in Oak Creek Canyon, about 5-7 miles north of Sedona. These are Forest Service maintained campsites, right next to the beautiful Oak Creek waterway. Being higher elevation than Sedona, this area has much colder temperatures at night, making it perfect for late Spring, Summer, and Fall camping. For the winter months, we suggest camping west of Sedona, at Lo-Lo-Mai Springs campground. There is also dispersed camping about 6 miles west of Sedona, these areas are considered primitive. Please be respectful of any fire bans and taking out the trash. 

Family Activities in Sedona, AZ  

While mountain biking is our favorite activity, there are plenty of other activities to be had. The hiking is amazing and allows you to explore many wilderness areas that are off-limits for bikes. Trails like Bear Mountain and Boynton Canyon are a few examples of great hiking trails with no bikes allowed. Oak Creek provides year-round running water and amazing spots to escape the summer heat. A great family walk starts at Crescent Moon Ranch, at the Red Rock Crossing area, with a pathway leading to Buddha Beach. It’s a gorgeous stroll filled with red rock, trees, and numerous rock stacks all along the river. Outside of getting outside, check out the unique shops and galleries at Tlaquepaque Village or the wineries in nearby Page Springs. 

Where to Eat in Sedona  

If burgers, pizza, or Latin cuisine is your thing, then you’re in luck in Sedona! For creative and gourmet burgers, check out Dellapiane and Sedona Beer Company (which also provides some great beer). For pizza, check out Pisa Lisa for authentic Italian style pizza, Famous Pizza for big ol’ American pies, and Picazzo’s for healthy organic focused pizza. For Latin cuisine, Elote Restaurant is truly unique and gourmet - although expect long wait times to be seated. Other Mexican favorites include Javalina Cantina for sit down and Tortas Del Fuego for quick street tacos and burritos. And, for high-end Americana restaurants, check out The Hudson, Salt Rock, or The Vault

sedona mountain bike group trip

All in all, Sedona is an amazing place to visit. The beauty is undeniable from every corner of town. With so many scenic trails available, it’s an outdoor paradise for the whole family. Mountain biking may be our favorite activity, but even the most casual visitor can experience the red rock wonders. We hope this guide helps you plan your trip to Sedona, and feel free to check in with Thunder Mountain Bikes for any help.