Thunder Mountain Bikes: The Go-To Sedona Bike Shop for the Whole Family

Thunder Mountain Bikes: The Go-To Sedona Bike Shop for the Whole Family - Thunder Mountain Bikes

And, at the same time, still fun for Mom and Dad to ride! If you’re on the hunt for a family-friendly bike trip, Sedona, Arizona is a great place to check out. Here at Thunder Mountain Bikes, we are happy to provide trail planning, mountain biking accessories, and rental gear for the whole family.

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Mountain Biking for Kids

We love kids at Thunder Mountain Bikes! Rentals, gear, lessons, and trail recs! We have it all! If you are planning a trip for your entire family your kids will not get left behind. We’ll get your kids set up with everything they need to have an amazing Sedona adventure!

Rental Mountain Bikes for Kids

It's not easy to find good rental mountain bikes for kids, but Thunder Mountain Bikes Sedona has got you covered. We carry 20” and 24” wheel mountain bikes with wide tires to provide extra trail grip, as well as kids tuned full suspension mountain bikes with 24” and 26” wheels. These rental bikes cover a range of kid’s heights, from 3’9'' to 5’0”. And to save you a bit of cargo space while traveling, kids helmets are included with the rental! Check out our rentals page! Use the menu to select “kids” and put in the dates you want to rent to see what we have available!

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Kids Mountain Biking Gear

Needing to get some mountain bike gear for your kids? Thunder Mountain Bikes stocks kids specific mountain bike shorts, jerseys, gloves, and helmets. Brands include Zoic, Fox, and Troy Lee Designs.

Mountain Bike Lessons for Kids

How about dropping off your kids with a certified mountain bike coach while you explore Sedona kid-free? Not only will this give you some free time on vacation, but it also gives your kids an opportunity to progress some skills and gain some confidence in a fun environment. Thunder Mountain Bikes has partnered with the Sedona Mountain Bike Academy to offer this great service. CALL THE ACADEMY ahead of time to book a coach and meet them at the bike shop!

Best Sedona Trails for Kids

Looking to research a few kid-friendly mountain bike rides before your trip? Check out the Thunder Mountain Bikes Trails page, with trails like Long Canyon, Aerie, Adobe Jack, and Bell Rock Pathway. We have outlined 3 beginner-friendly routes as a few options to start with, check them out HERE. Another fun activity for the kids is the Sedona Bike Park, located at the Posse Grounds Park only ½ mile from Thunder Mountain Bikes. The bike park is full of pumps, jumps, and tracks, all with a backdrop of red rock views. Check out our video of the BIKE PARK.

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Women’s Mountain Biking

What about women’s mountain biking? We have everything the ladies need to shred the red too! Rental bikes for all levels of experience and size frames, all the gear and accessories you could need, and bike lessons and trail tips depending on experience level! Ask and we are happy to advise!

Women’s Mountain Bike Rentals

Thunder Mountain Bikes has a full range of Women’s Mountain Bike Rentals, with women’s specific full suspension mountain bikes from Liv Cycling and Juliana Bicycles. For riders under 5’4”, we also carry many hard-to-find Small and Extra Small sized bikes as well. Did you know you can reserve a bike online? Visit our rentals page and select the dates you want to rent to see what we have available!

Mountain Biking Gear for Women

In addition to women’s bikes, Thunder Mountain Bikes puts a big effort into stocking mountain biking gear for women, with a goal for mountain bike clothing that looks casual and comfortable on and off the bike. A great selection of lifestyle women's bike shorts, shirts, and jerseys from Club Ride, Patagonia, Zoic, and Shredly. We even stock women’s mountain bike gloves, mountain bike knee/elbow pads, helmets from Fox and Giro, and women’s mountain bike shoes from Five Ten Shoes. Our webstore will have what’s currently available. You can shop online or come shop in person at our store in Sedona when you’re visiting!

Women’s Mountain Bike Lessons

How about signing up for women’s mountain bike lessons while visiting Sedona? The local Sedona Mountain Bike Academy has amazing certified female coaches, offering women a great platform to improve their mountain bike riding, especially on the rocky terrain in Sedona. It’s a proven way to quickly and safely progress your biking, much better than simply following your friends on the trails.

Beginner to Advanced Sedona Mountain Bike Trails

Looking to just start mountain biking? Check out our beginner trails page on our website. We also have more recs if you stop in the store and tell us what you feel comfortable with! If you have experience mountain biking you should check out our intermediate trails page or advanced trails page. We have ratings and descriptions of the trails so you know what to expect and can find the right ride for your level.

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Men’s Mountain Biking

Hey guys, you know we have you covered too! We have the largest assortment of bike rentals and gear in the area. If you’re looking to hone your skills we highly recommend a lesson with a certified coach. We all can improve and don’t miss out on an opportunity to learn from some of the best riders in the country! And you know we have trail recs for you too!

Men’s Mountain Bike Rentals

Thunder Mountain Bikes has the largest fleet of mountain bikes in Sedona, most bikes are sized as Men’s Mountain Bike Rentals. Even for riders over 6’4”, there are rental bike sizes for everyone! Simply provide your height, and the right size bike will be picked out for you. Most bikes come with Rock Shox forks or Fox suspension, and you can pick your pedals of choice from SPD to Crank Brothers Eggbeaters or standard Crank Brothers Pedals.

Mountain Biking Gear for Men

Looking for some unique new gear, or to freshen up your mountain bike apparel? If you’re tired of wearing the traditional tight spandex cycling gear, Thunder Mountain Bikes has a great range of comfortable and stylish Mountain Biking Gear for men. Not only does this apparel perform well while mountain biking, it still looks great off the bike. With gear from Club Ride, Patagonia, Zoic, Fox, Troy Lee Designs, Party Shirt International; there’s plenty to choose from! Check out our webstore for what is currently in stock.

Men’s Mountain Bike Lessons

With all the awesome trails in Sedona, are there any sections of trail you’re having trouble with? This is a perfect opportunity for a Men’s Mountain Bike Lesson. Sedona Mountain Bike Academy has certified expert-level coaches that know all the moves and difficult trails in Sedona. Booking a coach and sessioning a trail is the best way to learn and progress, with much less crashing involved. Even if you’re new to the sport, the learning curve is much quicker with a coach involved, even just for a day!

Beginner to Advanced Sedona Mountain Bike Trails

For information on Beginner to Advanced Sedona Mountain Bike Trails, check out the Thunder Mountain Trails Page. With outlined rides organized by difficulty, this is a great place to start your trail riding plans. For further details, stop by the bike shop and they can look over a map with you, outlining a ride based on your needs.


Sedona is a great mountain bike destination for the whole family, offering a unique opportunity for different trails, different gear, and a great environment to become a better mountain biker. In addition, you can’t beat the views of red rocks in every direction. Stop by Thunder Mountain Bikes! We are proud to be your local bike shop, and we look forward to helping create your incredible mountain bike experience!