Thunder Mountain Bike’s Women’s Gear Guide

Thunder Mountain Bike’s Women’s Gear Guide - Thunder Mountain Bikes

As more women are getting into mountain biking and the sport continues to evolve and grow, women's specific mountain bike gear is an industry of its own. At Thunder Mountain Bikes, we stock several Women’s Specific brands in order to help more women get outside on two wheels. We asked professional mountain bike Coach Joanna Yates (and Sedona Local) to list some of her favorite women’s specific gear and mountain bike accessories. Plus she gives advice on bikes and riding in Sedona no matter what your riding skill level is. 

Julianna Furtato 

julianna furtato womens mountain bike

The real “fun machine”! This women’s mountain bike is so stable and fun on the downhills in Sedona, Arizona. I loved how playful and “poppy” this bike feels. This bike helped me get to a better bunny hop progression, for sure! AND it climbs like a boss! With 130mm travel, I couldn’t believe how amazing it feels on the downhills, like Hiline and Ridge Trail. Julianna did all the women in the industry a favor by making this absolute shred machine. 

Liv Intrigue 2-29 

liv intrigue 2 29 womens mountain bike
A company that makes mountain bikes for women! Amen. I literally felt lighter while riding this bike. The fit was amazing and the stand-over height (being a short rider) just right, I was surprised that I didn’t feel squished between two tires. Everything from the grips to the saddle was just right. This bike climbs like a boss, I was pleasantly surprised while riding all the technical terrain that Sedona offers. All I’m saying is you can tell this bike was built for women. 

Shredly Ragland 3/4 Tee  

shredly ragland womens bike shirt
Not only does Shredly make amazing women’s mountain bike shorts, but their jerseys are also stylish and fun too. The material is soft, durable, and breathable! I love a good ¾ sleeve to cover my arms when it’s warm out. 

Zoic Naveah Shorts

Hands down my favorite women’s mountain bike shorts! They stretch, breathe and have pockets big enough for your phone and snacks. I also love the fit and length of these bike shorts. If you’re like me and have a “peach” shaped lower body, you’ll love these shorts. 

They are long enough so that you don’t end up with a gap between your knee pads and shorts (also known as “gaper gap”).

Osprey Women’s Raven 10 & 14

womens mountain bike gear osprey raven backpack
A pack that actually fits! Women tend to have smaller torsos than men, and Osprey took that into account when making this pack. I’m a Mountain Bike Coach by day and having a pack that fits is key while I may be out on the trail for 6-plus hours a day. I love the storage of this pack; it can hold everything! From my coaching cones to 1.5 liters of water and all my first aid and snacks. I love the colors that it comes in too, so fun. 

Ergon GFR1 Grips

ergon ge1 evo factory mountain bike grips in orange

I like smaller grips because I have smaller hands. The overall feel of these Ergon grips are comfortable and I get less forearm pump. 

Troy Lee Women’s Ace 2.0 Glove

womens troy lee mountain bike gloves
Did I mention that I have small hands? Like, “can’t find gloves that fit” hands? Like, “I sometimes wear child’s size gloves” hands? Not any more thanks to Troy Lee! When Thunder Mountain put these on the shelves I bought two pairs because they fit so well! I’m in love with how lightweight and protective they are. I live in the desert so sometimes finding gear that’s protective and lightweight is hard, Troy Lee nailed it with these Women’s Specific Mountain Biking gloves. Oh, and did I mention they have awesome patterns and colors? Win, win. 

Fox Speedframe Pro

fox speedframe pro 3 mountain bike helmet
This helmet was made for me! And if you’re going to splurge on any extras for Mountain Biking it should be a good helmet. Seriously, protecting your noggin’ is number one. This helmet is comfortable, stylish, and has room for a braid or ponytail! It also has MIPS technology which makes me safe and plenty of coverage on my head where I need it. 

All Levels Trail Guide

Riding in Sedona, Arizona is an adventure, we have a lot of technical trails, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something for everyone! One of my favorite “first-timer” trail routes is located in West Sedona- Long Canyon, Dead Man’s Pass, Arie to Cockscomb Trail, and then back around by way of AZ Cypress Trail. It’s a fun loop that starts mellow and builds as you go. 

Another good intro ride to Sedona is Bell Rock Pathway, the view are amazing and the terrain smoother than most trails in Sedona. For the full ride, check it out on the Trails page

Mountain Bike Resources for Women

If you’re looking for more support when you arrive in Sedona, Arizona. Check out the Sedona Mountain Bike Academy, they provide private lessons, skills clinics and give great information on trails. They also lead group rides for women only in a “no drop” style setting. Plus, over half of their coaches are female. SMBA is also great about building community and connecting you with the right group of people to have the most fun.


With more women’s specific options available now it’s important to find what works for you and your style of riding. Thunder Mountain is committed to helping more women get on bikes and helping you feel comfortable and welcome everything you walk through the door. While Joanna listed some really good Women’s Mountain Bike Gear, we have other options on our Webstore and in-Store. So stop in, say “Hi” and let us help you get out on the trail in Sedona, Arizona to have some fun!