Transition Spur Review

Transition Spur Review - Thunder Mountain Bikes

We have been lucky to get our hands on the latest red hot, hard to get, category blurring 120mm xc/trail bike from Transition, the Spur. Thunder Mountain Bikes even has them available to rent! When Transition first told us about a new bike coming out, all they said was that it was a new bike in the XC category. Knowing the wild boys at Transition, we knew this would not be your ordinary XC bike. The Spur would most likely be a short travel thorough-bred aimed to get rowdy. We signed up for the Spurs without even knowing what was to come, and we are glad to say Transition delivered a special one. 

What sets the Transition Spur apart?

This bike is by far the lightest bike in our rental fleet, while still having the same aggressive geometry as bikes with more suspension travel. At Thunder Mountain Bikes, we have had comparable bikes with the same suspension travel as the Spur, like the Santa Cruz Tallboy, yet the Spur is roughly 4-5 lbs. lighter.

How did Transition do it?

They redesigned their “Giddy Up” suspension layout with fewer pivots, designing the Spur as a single pivot with some added “flex” in the rear end. This simplified layout allowed them to make the frame much lighter. Transition was also smart to spec the newest Rock Shox SID Luxe suspension front and rear - which shaves additional weight over typical suspension offerings. Transition tuned the Spur to deliver a nice progressive feel similar to how a trail bike should feel. XC bikes typically have a much harsher suspension feel, as they are tuned to perform better on the uphill. XC bikes are also much twitchier in order to be more responsive when sprinting. The Spur has a slacker head angle, longer reach, and longer wheelbase than XC bikes, but with a similar weight. Transition has found a sweet spot between the categories here.

Around Sedona, the Spur has thrived on our rocky terrain with short ups and downs. It feels easier to maintain speed, and less effort to sneak in that quick after-work ride. Its upright pedaling position is exceptionally comfortable, yet still perfect for those techy awkward climbs. On most of our downhills, the Spur has proved to be stable and flat out surprising with how fast it begs to go. The geometry puts you in the mind space that you are on an enduro bike, but a few big compressions to the small shocks will remind you what you are riding. It sure is fun to test the limits on this bike! Some real chunk is needed to get to the point where you feel this bike is overwhelmed, like in the chute on Hiline or drops on Grand Central. But take it on Slim Shady or Chuckwagon, and this is a game-changer. To give credit to similar bikes, like the Evil The Following, we have found The Following to provide more margin for error in those oh-shit moments or going full blast down Hiline. But again, the Spur has that trade-off in weight savings. 

Another surprise is that the “flex pivot” has not been noticeable. The bike feels plenty stiff when pedaling and cornering. Usually, with designs like this, there is a noticeable trade-off with how flexy the frame feels when pushing through a corner, but the Spur is precise. 

Overall, we are beyond impressed with this bike; it is utterly unique! Its combination of low weight, excellent handling, and superb efficiency make it the best short-travel bike we have seen yet! This bike is a blast to ride! Come by the shop to rent the Transition Spur or hit us up with any questions.


TMB Build Video: Master mechanic Michael Woodruff, of Thunder Mountain Bikes in Sedona, AZ, builds the newest version of the Transition Spur.