Thunder Mountain Bike Rentals in Sedona, Arizona

Thunder Mountain Bike Rentals in Sedona, Arizona - Thunder Mountain Bikes

Sedona, Arizona, is one of the most famous mountain bike destinations in the world! Good food, incredible trails, swimming holes, and stunning views make it a great place for the whole family to visit. We are so lucky to call Sedona home! Coming into town and wondering, “Where can I rent a bike?” We’ve got you covered at Thunder Mountain Bikes!

Renting a mountain bike is a great way to experience a new model or a different bike style than you typically ride. Plus, it makes the logistics of riding in a new place so much easier! Bike rentals are a big focus for us Sedona bike shops. If you’re in town, you’re here to shred!

Biking & Bike Rentals in Sedona, AZ

We’ll be honest, the majority of riders in Sedona are from out of town! As you search “mountain bike rentals near me,” you’re sure to come up with plenty of Sedona bike rentals. We stand out from the crowd for so many reasons!

- We offer the newest bike models with a wide range of styles to choose from.

- We offer affordable kids rental bikes, including our basic models for $35 a day and full suspension bikes for $55 a day. We also have a huge selection of dream built bikes for $95 a day.

- We rent premium Trek and Electra Electric bikes. These E-Bikes are a great way to cruise Sedona for only $55 a day.

- We are the only Sedona shop that includes a Damage Protection Plan in your rental price.

- We are the only Sedona shop that doesn't charge an extra fee for picking up your bike the night before your rental. 

- Plus, we promise to provide the first-class customer service you’ve come to know and love over the past 9 years.

- Currently, ride an XC bike and want to check out an enduro bike? Now’s the time! Sedona is the perfect place to test out the long travel, wider tires, and longer reach of enduro bikes.

As a proud locally owned and operated Sedona, Arizona bicycle shop, we offer everything from bicycle rental services to trail maps and books. We have 3 categories of bicycle rental for adults. First is our Dream line of mountain bikes that start with a daily rental fee of $95. Next up, our Premium line starts at $65 a day, and our Performance line of bike trail rentals starts at $55 a day, and hardtails start at $35. 

A few of the bikes in our Dream line:

- Evil The Following - 29

- Evil The Offering - 29

- Ibis Ripley - 29

- Ibis Ripmo V2 - 29

- Juliana Furtado - 27.5+

- Santa Cruz- Hightower - 29

- Revel Rascal - 29

- Transition Spur - 29

For more information about our Dream line, visit our rentals page!

Bike Rental FAQ (What You Need to Know!)   

We can’t say it enough, Sedona, Arizona is one of the best places on earth to ride a mountain bike! We are happy you will be riding with us, and you will be too! Showing up prepared will make the rental process easy and fun. Check out some common FAQs that we hear:

Q: Does my bike rental include a helmet?

A: Yes! All rentals include helmets. We provide entry-level helmets such as the Bontrager Solstice or similar. Helmets are not required, but we encourage you to wear one whenever on a bike.

Q: Does my rental include flat or clipless pedals?

A: Yes! All rentals include pedals, and we have options for you to choose from! Feel free to bring your own as well, and we will install them.

Q: I need a backpack! Can you rent me one?

A: Yes! We have a limited supply of Osprey packs available. They are free of charge! You will need to supply your bladder or water bottles.

Q: Will my bike rental come with a flat kit?

A: Yes! Every rental bike includes a flat kit. Kits include at least: Tube(s), entry-level pump, entry-level multi-tool, tire levers. Flat kits are not attached to the bikes. You will need to carry them.

Q: Do you rent car racks?  Can I reserve one?

A: Car racks are available for rent at $10 per day. Racks are available in-store only. We do not book them in advance (Don't worry, we have plenty!) When picking up your rental car, be aware of SUVs with rear plastic spoilers as they are very flimsy and will not hold three full suspension bikes safely.

Q: Do you rent truck tailgate pads? Can I reserve one?

A: Truck tailgate pads are FREE! We encourage you to rent a truck vs. a regular car. If needing a rental vehicle, trucks are the way to go! A mid-size truck (F150) will hold four people and four bikes easily! Easy for you, us, and our bikes!  Like our car racks,  tailgate pads are not available to reserve in advance.

Where can I go biking in Sedona, Arizona?

Right out our front door! Thunder Mountain Sedona has great trails just a few miles from our shop! Adobe Jack (0.8 miles), Soldier’s Pass (2 miles), Sedona Bike Park (2.8 miles), Broken Arrow (3.6 miles), Dry Creek Vista (3.7 miles), and Little Horse (5.2 miles).

Many places have good trails or pretty scenery or easy access to riding—it’s the convergence of all three that sets Sedona apart.

Sedona, Arizona’s trails are as varied as they are distinctive.  From ribbons of smooth crimson dirt that are fast and fun, to sandstone basins with technical features and play areas to hone and test every skill level. It’s all set in a verdant valley of red rock spires and towers as impressive as any national park. 

Sedona’s riding network consists of over 250 miles of bike-friendly trails and many intersections, with additions and reroutes every season, so a good map is essential.

Thunder Mountain Bikes offers the latest edition of the Sedona Mountain Biking Trail Map, plus lots of friendly advice on current conditions and which trails might best suit you. Can’t wait until you get to town to start scoping your route? Check our trails page for more info! Whether you hit the bike park all day, you’re a beginner, advanced, or somewhere in between rider, we’ve got ideas and a plan for you to enjoy your day!

Although Sedona offers convenient beginner-friendly trails, a lot of riding in our unique landscape might be different than you’re used to. At just over 4k feet of elevation, with desert summer temperatures and technical trails everywhere, it’s best to do a little homework before you head out to make sure you stay safe and are prepared. Let us help. We’re here to answer any questions you may have!

Reserve your Bike Rental in Sedona Today!  

Just a few easy steps, and you’ll be on your way to shredding Sedona on your dream bike! A few quick tips for you to know when you reserve your bike:

- Our cancellation policy is here! All cancellations will incur at least a 10% cancellation fee if not rescheduled.

- If you need to reschedule, please email We will re-activate your original reservation with the new dates & bikes.

- Payment is due in full at the time of booking.

- The rental day is from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM (not 24 hours).

- You may pick up your bike starting at 9 AM. BONUS! If available, you may pick up the evening before your scheduled rental, beginning at 5 PM so that you can ride early or late!

- Your bike is due back by 6:00 PM on the due date or is subject to an additional one-day charge.

- If you would like to extend your reservation, please call us by 6:00 PM on the last day of your reservation. Payment is due upfront. There is a high chance your bike is already reserved for the next day.

- Renters are responsible for the bicycle during their rental period. To lessen the financial blow if damage does occur,  we offer our Rental Bike Damage Plan free of charge for every rental!

- If you forget anything, we rent or sell everything you will need. Credit Card and Driver's License / Passport / Government Issued ID are required for rental.

Want to ship your own bike to Sedona, Arizona, instead of renting? No problem! We have partnered with to offer convenient shipping for your bike. Learn more here!