Rental Bike Damage Policy

Policy Included for all bike rentals

(as seen in Section 5 of the Rental Agreement)


5. Rental Bike Damage Plan (Included): Renter hereby agrees to the Rental Bike Damage Plan (“RBDP”). The RBDP is included with every rental free of charge and as otherwise outlined below. The charges applicable under this RBDP are as set forth above in Section 3: Charges and shall be determined by the repair technician/mechanic who evaluates the Bicycle’s condition upon its return.

5.1 The Renter’s liability for damages under the RBDP shall be based on the total retail cost of the repairs and labor and adjusted as described below: 

  1. Up to $100: no additional charge to the Renter.
  2. $101 and up: Renter pays fifty percent (50%) of total cost (for example, a $900 repair bill would be reduced to $450). 

5.2 Renter acknowledges and agrees that this RBDP is not an insurance product and has not been evaluated, endorsed, or regulated by any governmental entity and/or agency, but is instead a contract between the parties to allocate the costs in the event of damage to the Bicycle.