Sedona Trails

Ready to Go Mountain Biking in Sedona?

Lots of places have good trails or pretty scenery or easy access to riding—it’s the convergence of all three that sets Sedona apart.

Our town’s trails are as varied as they are distinctive, from ribbons of smooth crimson dirt that are as fast and fun for the whole family as they are seasoned riders to sandstone basins with technical features and play areas to hone and test every skill level. It’s all set in a verdant valley of red rock spires and towers as impressive as any national park. And the trail network, at once dense with riding yet impressively far-ranging, is so profuse with trailheads and intertwined with the town that you can access singletrack within minutes of pedaling no matter where in town you stay.

Sedona’s riding network is comprised of over 250 miles of bike-friendly trails and nearly as many intersections. With additions and reroutes every season, a good map is essential!

Thunder Mountain Bikes offers the latest edition of the Sedona Mountain Biking Trail Map, plus lots of friendly advice on current conditions and what trails might best suit you. And our central, West Sedona location will get you on the trails fast.

Some of the top trailheads in town are just out the door, including Adobe Jack (0.8 miles), Soldier’s Pass (2 miles), Sedona Bike Park (2.8 miles), Broken Arrow (3.6 miles), Dry Creek Vista (3.7 miles), and Little Horse (5.2 miles).