Bike Review: Evil The Wreckoning

Bike Review: Evil The Wreckoning - Thunder Mountain Bikes

Though I love Evil’s Delta suspension, the Wreckoning was unlikely my be-all bike because it is bigger (166mm rear; 170 front) and heavier than my daily rides. But I wanted to give it a go because the trend in mountain bikes right now is lower, longer, and slacker, which this Evil epitomizes.

Downhill, I loved the Wreckoning. It breezed down steeps, glided over steps and rolls, and shrugged off techy stretches that would usually have me picking and pulling up. If you go downhill and prefer to do it fast, this is a stable, recliner-comfortable bike that will eat up all the distractions so you can focus on the end game. 

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Evil The Wreckoning Details

There’s a bunch of well-decided spec details (RockShox Zeb fork, Super Deluxe shock, 2.5” Maxxis Minion tires) that speak to smart buyer choices. But my big interest here was the SRAM AXS XO Eagle drivetrain. I’ve never ridden it, and I love the simplicity of bolt-on, wireless components. And…less than a quarter mile into my ride, the rear derailleur stopped working. It was a battery issue, and the TMB staff immediately remedied it and said they’d never had that issue before. I believe them; mine was likely an outlier. I got a new battery, shifting was immediate and crisp (if slightly harsh), and I do love the cable-free setup. And yet, though I believe the technology works, I’ll probably always opt for mechanical because I’m happier with the ability to fix things myself.

These are the things you learn from demoing.

The Ride

The Wreckoning is built for leveling any trail. I couldn’t find any feature that I wasn’t content easing it down. In the hands of someone who likes to bash everything, this is an absolute crusher.

I futzed with the RockShox SuperDeluxe shock, and it got as comfy as a La-Z-Boy going through the rough. And yet, uphill I felt like I was pulling that sofa behind me.

The suspension gets up whatever, as long as you have the legs to propel it. Which is to say, best to buy this if you prefer going down.

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Last Take on the Evil The Wreckoning

For the style of riding I do, the exceptional downhill performance doesn’t outweigh the weight and sluggishness when climbing. This is one I’d take to the bike park and crush out lap after lap. But I also love riding uphill, meaning this one is not for me.


by Aaron Gulley

Aaron has been writing about cycling, travel, and the outdoors and reviewing gear for the likes of Outside, Bicycling, Velonews, and others for over two decades.